1910614 DAF Fan Clutch

Mounted with a 9 hole flange, the 1910614 DAF Fan Clutch is a robust and tough fan hub for a host of DAF XF and CF model configurations.

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OE No. 1910614 Category: Tag:
Rotation* CW
Diameter (mm) 290
Fan Pilot (mm) 252
No. of Fan Bolt Circles 6
Shaft Outer Diameter (mm) 138
Mounting 9 Hole Flange

* CW= Clockwise, CCW=Counter-Clockwise.
** Here is listed all the supersessional and alternative OE numbers for the 1910614 DAF Fan Clutch.
*** Not the part you’re looking for? Try our OE Number Quoting Tool instead.

Additional information

Control Type

Electronic Fan Clutch



VehicleModel YearKWHPCCDesignTonnageConfiguration
CF FA 22007.2014 –1642236690Platform / Chassis194×2
CF FA 29005.2013 –21028610840Platform / Chassis184×2
CF FAR 290, FAS 29005.2013 –21028610840Platform / Chassis266×2
CF FAN 290, FAG 29005.2013 –21028610840Platform / Chassis266×2/4
CF FAT 29005.2013 –21028610840Platform / Chassis266×4
CF FAT 29005.2013 –21028610840Dump Truck266×4
CF FAD 29005.2013 –21028610840Platform / Chassis328×4/4
CF FAD 29005.2013 –21028610840Dump Truck328×4/4
CF FA 31007.2014 –2313146690Platform / Chassis194×2
CF FA 33005.2013 –24032610840Platform / Chassis184×2
CF FT 33005.2013 –24032610840Truck Tractor19.54×2
CF FAR 330, FAS 33005.2013 –24032610840Platform / Chassis266×2
CF FAD 33005.2013 –24032610840Platform / Chassis328×4/4
CF FAD 33005.2013 –24032610840Dump Truck328×4/4
CF FA 37005.2013 –27137010840Platform / Chassis184×2
CF FAR 370, FAS 37005.2013 –27137010840Platform / Chassis266×2
CF FAN 370, FAG 37005.2013 –27137010840Platform / Chassis266×2/4
CF FAT 37005.2013 –27137010840Platform / Chassis266×4
CF FAT 37005.2013 –27137010840Dump Truck266×4
CF FAD 37005.2013 –27137010840Platform / Chassis328×4/4
CF FAD 37005.2013 –27137010840Dump Truck328×4/4
CF FA 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis194×2
CF FA 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis20.54×2
CF FT 40005.2013 –29139610840Truck Tractor18.64×2
CF FT 40005.2013 –29139610840Truck Tractor19.54×2
CF FAR 400, FAS 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis266×2
CF FTP 40005.2013 –29139610840Truck Tractor266×2
CF FAN 400, FAG 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis266×2/4
CF FTG 40005.2013 –29139610840Truck Tractor266×2/4
CF FAT 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis266×4
CF FAT 40005.2013 –29139610840Dump Truck266×4
CF FAC 40012.2015 –29139610840Platform / Chassis328×2/4
CF FAQ 400, FAX 40012.2015 –29139610840Platform / Chassis328×2/6
CF FAD 40005.2013 –29139610840Platform / Chassis328×4/4
CF FAD 40005.2013 –29139610840Dump Truck328×4/4
XF FA 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis184×2
XF FA 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis194×2
XF FA 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis20.54×2
XF FT 41010.2012 –30341212900Truck Tractor184×2
XF FAR 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis25.36×2
XF FAR 410, FAS 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis266×2
XF FTP 41010.2012 –30341212900Truck Tractor23.46×2
XF FTP 410, FTR 410, FTS 41010.2012 –30341212900Truck Tractor266×2
XF FAN 41010.2012 –30341212900Platform / Chassis266×2/4
XF FTG 410, FTN 41010.2012 –30341212900Truck Tractor266×2/4
XF FA 44010.2012 –32043510840Platform / Chassis184×2
XF FA 44010.2012 –32043510800Platform / Chassis194×2
XF FA 44010.2012 –32043510800Platform / Chassis20.54×2
XF FT 44010.2012 –32043510840Truck Tractor184×2
XF FAR 44010.2012 –32043510840Platform / Chassis25.36×2
XF FAR 440, FAS 44010.2012 –32043510840Platform / Chassis266×2
XF FTP 44010.2012 –32043510840Truck Tractor23.46×2
XF FTP 440, FTR 440, FTS 44010.2012 –32043510840Truck Tractor266×2
XF FAN 44010.2012 –32043510840Platform / Chassis266×2/4
XF FTG 440, FTN 44010.2012 –32043510840Truck Tractor266×2/4
XF FA 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis184×2
XF FA 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis194×2
XF FA 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis20.54×2
XF FT 46010.2012 –34046212900Truck Tractor184×2
XF FAR 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis25.36×2
XF FAR 460, FAS 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis266×2
XF FTP 46010.2012 –34046212900Truck Tractor23.46×2
XF FTP 460, FTR 460, FTS 46010.2012 –34046212900Truck Tractor266×2
XF FAN 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis266×2/4
XF FTG 460, FTN 46010.2012 –34046212900Truck Tractor266×2/4
XF FTT 46010.2012 –34046212900Truck Tractor266×4
XF FAD 46010.2012 –34046212900Platform / Chassis328×4/4
XF FA 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis184×2
XF FA 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis194×2
XF FA 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis20.54×2
XF FT 51010.2012 –37551012900Truck Tractor184×2
XF FAR 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis25.36×2
XF FAR 510, FAS 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis266×2
XF FTP 51010.2012 –37551012900Truck Tractor23.46×2
XF FTP 510, FTR 510, FTS 51010.2012 –37551012900Truck Tractor266×2
XF FAN 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis266×2/4
XF FTG 510, FTN 51010.2012 –37551012900Truck Tractor266×2/4
XF FTT 51010.2012 –37551012900Truck Tractor266×4
XF FAD 51010.2012 –37551012900Platform / Chassis328×4/4

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